Friday, August 19, 2016

Windows of Heaven are Pouring (10/26/15)

Missions are weird. People tell you things. Scary things. Someone we contacted literally confessed to murder to us. Fear. We got out of there quick. People confess more things to missionaries than they do to God, I swear. That's messed. ANYWAY.

Adventure #2 this week: We were going through a really nice car wash. Of course, in the spirit of preparedness, I double-checked to make sure all the windows were all the way up in the car. It doesn't take a genius to know where this story is going. One rebellious back window decided to start going up and down aggressively as we were being pulled through this car wash. Amongst much screaming and laughing, foam, water, and rubber whips blasted through the open window. We did our best to hang over the passenger seat and hold raincoats up to the window. The back of our car looked like a bubble bath. The tender mercies of the Lord abound though, because our Area Book resting on the back seat came out safe without a single page or teaching record getting damaged. We spent a good minute vacuuming out all the foam. I guess the Lord was teaching me something about inner purity being more important than outer beauty or something. I got a kick out of it though.

On the actual missionary side of things, we have three new investigators: H, her boyfriend L, and her sister M. They are all super sweet and sincere, and have all agreed to be baptized in January! We have high hopes for them :) An investigator, B, also introduced us to his friend Brent from New Orleans, who we'll be setting up with elders down there! We had fewer lessons than usual because we were so busy with church activities and such, but lots of investigators actually kept their commitments to read from the Book of Mormon, which makes my heart fly. The Book of Mormon is the convincing evidence of the Restoration. You find out it's true, and everything else flows naturally from that. Read it y'all!

We went to a Revival on P-day with B and R at their church, the Church of Christ. It was way fun. The restored gospel truly does just add MORE truth and light to what other people already have. It was a fantastic experience, and now B is way more open to come to church with us!

The rain has been fun over here - we're getting Hurricane Patricia's leftovers. And the Halloween fun is starting too!

I just want y'all to know how much I love you and this work. The longer I've been out (5 months!!) the more my testimony and love for the gospel grows. I love serving these people, and I only wish I had more ability to give to them and to the Lord. But the Lord qualifies those whom He calls. And I so desperately need the Atonement to get me through this and to be an effective missionary! I used to think missionaries were invincible and knew everything - HA! But I am really starting to see changes in myself as I've spent all my time doing God's work. He's shaping me into the person He always knew I could be.

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