Friday, August 19, 2016

Thy Faith Hath Made Thee... (1/5/16)

Well, shoot, y'all! This was a big week! My girl D took the plunge! That's right, she got baptized on January 2nd without a hitch! She was smiling ear to ear as she came out of that water. The service went wonderfully. Sister Kohler and I sang "I Know that My Savior Loves Me" with one of the primary kids and we saw some eyes leakin' in the audience. It was a great day. Then, on Sunday, D was 20 minutes late to sacrament meeting (use your imagination to picture how stressed this made me) and got there just in time for her confirmation. That's my favorite part. When those words, "receive the Holy Ghost," are spoken, you can feel the Spirit descending on the whole room. Her faith has made her clean, through Christ. We had 6 investigators at church this week, including lots of D's family (who we will now be teaching) and our new investigator, K! That girl is prepared and seeking for the gospel. She's got a more willing heart and a more enthusiastic mind than I've seen in a while! Her faith has led her through the dark into the light.

This week is transfers, and we weren't expecting to get a call until this morning about who would be staying or going. But to our surprise, we got a call from President Hansen last night. Sister Kohler will be training a new sister in McComb (I'm gonna be a grandma!!). And I am being transferred to Albany, Louisiana to serve as a Sister Training Leader. Once again, use your imagination to picture me sweating profusely and convulsing on the floor. Okay I'm kidding about the convulsing. But not the sweating. There are lots of changes going on in the mission, and I'm gonna be experiencing them in a leadership position. That's humbling. And scary. Not to mention just how weird it will be to leave Mississippi! But I take comfort in the many times Christ said, "Thy faith hath made thee whole" (Matthew 9:22 & Enos 1:8). By whole, he means complete. My faith can make me strong. resilient. capable. peaceful. He can make this weak vessel good enough to do His work. But only if I have the faith to believe he can. His grace and his Spirit do not go where they are not wanted. The good news is, I want it! I need it! I can't do this work or this calling without it!

Thank y'all for your prayers and support. I need them real bad. Like really stinking bad! Catch ya in Louisiana!

Missin' Mississippi already...

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