Friday, August 19, 2016

Ordinary Miracles (11/9/15)

Another week past, and boy it went fast! Not a ton of ridiculous stories this week (aside from baby-daddy drama), but every day is full of ordinary miracles. If we look around, they're everywhere! God's hand is in our lives - it truly is. And there's so much to be grateful for! We were able to teach or talk with multiple people this week that we've been trying to see for so long! Just little things like that make my heart soar and know that God is doing this work with us!

This Sunday, our beloved Ford Fusion, Queen B, decided to take a little snooze. Battery completely fried for no reason. Couldn't even use the remote to unlock it. We got a ride to church with a member, and amongst this dramatic turn of events, a lady we contacted in front of a store, Prophet Dear, surprised us by coming to church this Sunday! She seemed to enjoy herself and said she would come back :) That was a ray of sunshine!

We also had exchanges this week, and my Granny Smith came to McComb with me! She's my trainer's trainer, and she had served in McComb before, so it was a GREAT time. It's so fun to see the different relationships different missionaries have with different people. Each person is truly placed exactly where they are needed. That's an amazing part of this whole mission thing. You can always know that you are exactly where God needs you at that time. You may not always understand why, but He is working through you. And I know I've been in McComb for these months because I was meant to be here. I love these people so so much. And as we learned from Elder Dale G. Renlund during conference, true love and concern for others comes from seeing them through a parent's eyes - through the Father's eyes.

Sorry this email was lame... I'll do my best to find some drama for next week's email.

I LOVE Y'ALL! Keep serving, keep loving, keep counting blessings! Tis ALWAYS the season!

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