Friday, August 19, 2016

Let Us Run with Patience (12/28/15)

There goes 7 months and my first/last Christmas as a missionary! I cannot express enough gratitude to you all for the thoughts and letters and cards and packages and prayers! You make me smile :)

Not a lot of crazy stories this week, besides the 4 tornadoes that supposedly blew through last night. I've just been focusing a lot on becoming. That's what the gospel's all about when we get down to it. I recently put on my wall two phrases: "Another day, another day to become who you want to be," and, "Let us run with patience the race that is set before us" (Hebrews 12:1). Let me tell you, a mission's got its struggles. It can get tough to have a good attitude and to keep motivated and to keep giving it 100%. It can be tough to get yelled at and accused of spreading lies, it can be tough to see people experience doubts and turmoil, and it can be tough to be isolated with one other person for 7 months. It's the hardest to "lay aside...every sin which doth so easily beset [me]." But I take comfort in knowing that I just need to keep running. That I have a million chances to make a choice that will bring me closer to Christ. I can lay down and give up, or I can laugh and learn. I can get weighed down by my weaknesses, or I can turn to the Atonement. I choose. After 7 months, I've learned so much about who God wants me to become. Thank goodness I've got another year to get there! And then, I take comfort in knowing that I've got eternity to progress from there, from grace to grace.

Stay tuned: next week's email will feature D's baptism!

Thank y'all for all your support!

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