Friday, August 19, 2016

Gators (10/19/15)

Gators. Alligators and investigators. That basically sums up the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission. We went to an alligator farm last week for P-day and it was WAY FUN. I wrestled and kissed (ya take what you can get) an alligator that I named Bruce. And rode a giant turtle. And got attacked by a grouchy parrot named Sunny. I told people that I wouldn't come home without riding an alligator first, and now I have! But I'm not ready to come home yet :) There's still so much work to be done!

We met an Egyptian lady named N a few weeks ago, and tried to teach her the Restoration. The language barrier is intense, but this week we came back and gave her an Arabic Book of Mormon. She is so excited to read it! She is the sweetest. Good thing the universal language (other than the spirit) is food, because the donuts she gave us were to die for. :)

This week, Joe blessed the sacrament for the first time! It was such a beautiful thing for me to witness, after seeing him through learning the gospel :) We finally got a member to a lesson with our investigator, D. D

's entire attitude changed during that lesson. She lit up, and started having a desire to find the truth. And it all came from having a friend - someone that was willing to show that they care. Miracles come out of doing that one simple thing - being a friend. That's something that we can all do. My challenge to y'all this week is to be a friend to someone who may be struggling, lonely, or falling behind. Seek them out. Talk with them. Love them. Pray to know who they are - the spirit WILL tell you.

Another thing that's been on my mind - complacency. Never give in to the temptation to think, "All is well in Zion" (2 Nephi 28:21). Because even Zion always needs some improvement. We should constantly be asking, "What lack I yet?" One day at a time, one change at a time, the Lord, through his endless grace, will help us become who we're destined to be :)

Quote of the week: "I had a dream that Alma was a DJ." - Elder Sinclair
Also, FYI, I preach in my sleep. I have since day one at the MTC. Missionary-ing 24/7.

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