Friday, August 19, 2016

Closed Doors and Open Windows (9/14/15)

So I have to start off with a confession: Sometimes I forget I'm white. I literally get along with these people so well and consider them family, to the point of thinking I am one of them. But seriously, love these people here in Mississippi so so much!

So last week, we worked our tails off and got 28 lessons. This week, we worked our tails off and got 20 lessons. Good thing it's about people, not numbers, because Sister Kohler and I saw some major miracles this week - all thanks to the very real power of the spirit!

We contacted a lady named T about a week ago at some apartments we're at all the time. We set up an appointment to teach her the Restoration, and she actually kept her appointment (real shocker). The spirit was so intense in that lesson that she starting crying. She told us that she is really closed off to people, but something (ahem, the spirit) told her she needed to meet with us.

We had taught a man the Restoration on the street and set up an appointment way out in the country to teach him again. He stood us up. As we were about to turn off of his street, I saw a house off in the distance in the middle of a field that I had the strongest feeling we had to go knock on. As we walk up, the dogs are barking like mad at us, but I was so determined to knock on this door that I went all dog-whisperer on them so they would settle down, and knocked on the door. Wait. Knock again. Wait. Ring the doorbell that looks very broken. Wait. Then around the side of the house comes a 25 year-old named C, who told us all about his previous life as a gang-banger and drug addict and about him finding Jesus. He is so prepared for the gospel. We think he's really special. And I know that God led us to him - the street contact, being stood up, and the spirit that told me to knock on that one door.

Then, on Sunday, we were 4 lessons short of the mission goal of 20 lessons a week. Our firm appointment stood us up, and we had an hour to get in 2 lessons, with no options. After failed tracting on a country road for 30 minutes, we saw a man outside about to weed-whip his yard. His name was E, and when we taught him the Restoration, he told us something that blew me away. Just before we had walked up (with the Book of Mormon), he had asked God if there were other books beside the Bible that he needed to read. Mind blown. God is great. Our experiences with C and E really taught me that the spirit will truly guide us if we listen. And that when God closes a door, it's always because he's going to open a window.

I LOVE this gospel, y'all. It is true. I wouldn't be here if it weren't. Miracles happen every day. The enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is so real. THAT is how we get stronger, better, & more ready to live with God again. Let him help you, and have the faith that he will.

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