Friday, August 19, 2016

6 Months of Boot Camp Complete (11/30/15)

That's right, folks. Ya girl Sista Lannin has made it a whopping 6 months in the mission field. Who knew it was even possible? Apparently it is. And holy guacamole has it been a journey thus far. There are no words sufficient to describe the experience of serving a mission. There are things that I'm learning here that I could have learned no other way: trusting the Lord's will, embracing challenges, loving unconditionally, patience, self-discipline, passion for the gospel... that's like 1% of it. My understanding of the Lord's plan has grown infinitely, and I'm also 10,000 times more aware of how much there is to learn and become. There are discouragements and pains and experiences that I've had in Mississippi that have been so incredibly hard to deal with that I've had to rely completely on the Lord, because there was no where else to turn. I'm buckling up, because I'm betting He's preparing me for some major whirlwinds later in life.

Missions may be boot camp for life, but the gospel is boot camp for eternity. And so the greatest lessons I'm learning are how much our Savior and our Father love us. That they never give up on us. And that they never leave us. That whatever life has in store, it will all be okay because they have a greater plan, and they know who we can become.
Sappiness done. You made it. Now, for the fun part! I have been a walking train wreck! The past couple weeks I've had bronchitis, sinusitis, and an upper respiratory infection. I tried to proselyte through it and am currently seeking forgiveness for potentially starting an epidemic in McComb. I also jammed my left ring finger (don't need it anyway lol) with astounding effectiveness last P-day. Enough to turn it giant and purple and require a custom fiberglass splint :) Keep laughing, it's okay, I'm laughing at myself too.

As usual, each week is full of disappointments and heartbreakers, but also a plethora of miracles! This week, God put some special people in our path, and we are excited to see where it goes with all of them. And our investigator D has decided to be baptized! She's had a date for a while, but she actually wants to now ;) The spirit does all the work!

Hope y'all had a happy thanksgiving. Know how much I love y'all and miss y'alls beautiful radiant countenances. Keep being a light to those around you!

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