Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lose Yourself (8/3/15)

This week went fast! I'd like to think that means I got lost in the work. It's only when we turn outward to help others that we find ourselves, probably because there's more of ourselves to find. That can be hard when it's hot and you're exhausted and drained, body and spirit. But you've gotta do it. The times when we're truly stretched are the times when we truly grow and learn to lean on the Lord.

One way to endure the hard times is to LAUGH. We need it. We laugh all the time, but usually at insignificant little things, and it really does make a huge difference. Find joy in the journey.

Miracles this week in the progression of our investigators! D and B both bore their testimonies during one of our lessons, saying that they knew that the church was how they really came closer to God and how they were so committed to changing their lives to align with God's will. D even got up and bore her testimony at church. They're in it for the long haul. I'm so excited for their baptisms on August 15th! They are amazing people and truly a blessing in my life.

Mr. J has finally decided to quit smoking and so we're working with him on a one-week program to help him - he's exercised a LOT of faith. He finally made it to church! Lots of progression there!

It's been a good week. Nothing incredibly monumental, but it's the little things. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass (Alma 37:6-7). Step by step, day by day, choice by choice.

Keep laughing. These ARE the good ol' days WHILE THEY'RE HAPPENING. Drink it up, y'all!

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