Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chest Pains (8/24/15)

Chest pains (along with headaches) are one of my most common ailments on the mission. A few experiences, both literal and figurative:

1) Some harsh doorstep rejections this week. (also accused of believing in aliens or something?? and that Amos isn't in the Bible??) Tracting in pouring rain is actually a riot. Way fun. I recommend it. 

2) We witnessed one of our favorite nursing home residents, Shirley, being rushed to the hospital with a blue face. She passed away. So many fond memories with that fine lady. She always said, "you're pretty," followed by,"I'm 77," in her raspy voice every time we came in to help with bingo. Rest her soul.

3) Mel's Ice Cream Emporium, owned by church members we're really close with, had to close down this week. We helped take everything down. No more free ice cream or lessons in the shop, and one of our favorite families is moving away :(

4) We drove over a speed bump while I was taking a drink of water. Choked so hard I gave myself internal whiplash. Literal chest pains the entire rest of the night. But no fear, I have made a full recovery. 

But with all the moments of discouragement, there are even greater moments of JOY! Pure joy, like when Mr. J made it SEVEN days without smoking!! He's well on his way to baptism next month. J is my spirit animal. I think that 58 year old man will be a true homie for life. I tease him constantly. And probably will for the rest of eternity. He says he'll cook us catfish next week. Score.

We found 4 new investigators this week! The hard work paid off! And we also found 3 lizards in our apartment. All named Yolanda. One was albino. We related well. 

Remember: "Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle." As a missionary, I have the opportunity to see people fight their battles. Everyone has one. Be kind. Love hard. Be a disciple of Christ. :)

This gospel is so worth it. Worth a mission, worth sacrifice, worth hard work, worth discouragement. This gospel is everything. Treasure it. Hold on tight to it, no matter what. 

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