Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ya live, ya learn, and ya laugh it off (7/6/15)

Highs and lows. Missionary work is full to the brim with em. It's an emotional and spiritual roller coaster, for sure. Makes me want to puke sometimes, but at the end of the day, I'm always glad I got to go on the ride. This week was no different.

A less active, Sister H, has made a lot of progress. She has word of wisdom issues, so we've been working with her on being truly converted to Christ's restored gospel. I asked her to read Alma 22 on her own, to which she texted us later, saying, "read alma 22. blew my mind and brought me back to the ground." That Sunday, she not only came to church, but cried bearing her testimony. She now remembers how willing God is to answer our prayers. How cool is that?

We saw B. for the first time since I've been here! She is realizing how much the Book of Mormon really applies to her own life. She and her daughter came to church for 2 hours this Sunday, and both loved it! We were also blessed with church meetings that were even more saturated with the spirit than normal!

We can only see R and J once a week because of their work schedule, but when we do see them, it's always amazing. SO much faith. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they ate it up. We set September 5th as their baptismal date! Funny thing that people do is they KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true, that our message is true, and they tell us. But then they proceed to say that they don't know this church is true. Come on now y'all, the lessons we teach and the Book of Mormon ARE this church! You already know!! So it's our job to help them understand that :)

Not so much a low, but a real burden on a missionary. This week, T told us that all this time we had been talking about being baptized by priesthood authority, she was planning on getting baptized into her previous church... what. She started to think we didn't value her church at all, and got defensive. She was another one that knew our message was true, but not the church. We could only explain that we only ADD to faith, never tear it away. We only give MORE. That's what the restored gospel is, and the only way to know if it's true is to ask God and to trust and act on those answers he gives us through the spirit. That was a hard day. Sister Kerr and I drove home that night and just sat in the car outside our apartment, thinking about that experience. T was our most solid investigator. And here we were, crying for her. Not for us, but for her. This work really gives a taste of what Christ feels for us. It breaks his heart when we choose not to follow him, when we ignore those promptings he gives us. As missionaries, our thoughts and feelings should always be directed toward others. And so we feel that burden with them. Sister Kerr related this to Christ by saying, "People love us. They consider us family. But they aren't willing to follow us." Just like Christ. If we love Him, we NEED to follow him. "If ye love me, keep my commandments."

Fun event of the week:
This morning, we took the trash out and locked ourselves out of the apartment. We had brought the keys, but it only unlocks the front door, which was deadbolted from the inside. So we sat in the car and read the book of Mormon until the landlord came 2 hours later. Ya gotta laugh it off! It makes for fun memories :)

Hope y'all had a great 4th of July! Mine consisted of severe lightning and torrential downpours and a chicken sandwich and (free) frosty at Wendy's. Life is good y'all, count your blessings! Look for God's hand everyday; I promise you it's there!

Sister Lanning

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