Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stateside Foreign Mission (6/29/15)

I may be in the US, but Mississippi is out of this world. This week, Sister Kerr had a tickle, and a few minutes later a bug fell out of her hair. Fire ants and mosquitoes everywhere. Stay out of the grass. This morning, we were going to clean the apartment. Sister Kerr asks me to go get the comet from my bathroom. I open the cupboard door. I see the can of Comet. There is a plastic spider on top of it that is big enough to cover the entire top of the can. My heart stopped, and I'm impressed that a previous sister got me so good with that prank. UNTIL IT MOVED. THAT WAS A REAL SPIDER.

We spent 10 minutes building up the courage to kill it - put on rain boots, gloves, the works. Finally, I was able to smash it with a bottle of Windex. In the process, Sister Kerr not only fell down running away from it, but also jumped onto the toilet and BROKE THE LID IN PIECES.

Funniest thing ever. I conquered a beast today. I feel powerful. Also traumatized.

My favorite thing to say is, "DO IT FOR THE EMAIL." So I hope y'all know that every time I have to deal with something ridiculous, I can get through it knowing that someone will have fun reading about it later.

Fun eat of the week: turkey neck. Actually very good.
Quotes of the week: Investigator in a retirement home: "Will ugly people still be ugly in Heaven? That doesn't sound like Heaven to me."
Sister Kerr, talking to little girl at church: "Have fun!"

This week we had specialized zone training in which Sister Kerr and I, two greenies, had to give instruction on the area book. We laughed that we were assigned to do this, because we're both so inexperienced. But the Lord helped us, and with lots of hard work, it went great!

This week we got T. to commit to living the Word of Wisdom. We CAN promise so many blessings that come from obeying the commandments the Lord has given us. How cool is that? Commandments are ONLY for our own good - for our own growth and development.

We saw lots of other people, saw lots of miracles, and saw God's hand in everything this week. He's here. He's helping us do his work. What a privilege. I love thinking about how a mission is the perfect time to be as much like Christ as possible. We spend 100% of our time doing what Christ would do if he were here in Mississippi. We strive to align our will and our purpose with his. It's an amazing feeling and an amazing thing to continue striving for.

Make no mistake, this work is hard. But it's so rewarding. And I'm never alone. Just got to keep pressing on, finding those people that are ready for more. I love the Lord, I love the Gospel, I love ya'll!

Lots of love from Mississippi,
Sister Lanning

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