Monday, June 15, 2015

Greeny Fire in Mississippi (6/15/15)

Hey y'all!

Sister Lanning here, in McComb, Mississippi. It's as Southern as Southern comes. These people are so sweet and some of them are pretty whacky! I've met a baby named Da'Money. This is not a joke. Da'Money.

I smell like Mississippi. You can use your imagination as to what that might smell like. But with all the quirks and humidity here, I love it!

My companion, Sister Kerr, has only been out 2 transfers, so we're both greenies! People (me included) have been amazed at the success we've already had together. We work together super well and she's a blessing in my life. My first Saturday in the field, I saw TWO people in the branch get baptized - convert baptisms. They are two sweet girls - 8 and 10 - that the sisters have been teaching, but whose parents aren't members. Love them to death.

My first day in Mississippi, we got to work right away. We went tracting and found some very promising people. The 5 days I've been in McComb, we've had 6 new investigators, 23 lessons, and 2 baptisms. Wow. God is good. These people know Jesus well already and so many of them are being prepared to learn more. I love teaching about the restored gospel of Christ, and in doing so my testimony of the Restoration has already grown tenfold. Every day, I'm getting more and more excited to get out and teach these people. There is a lot of poverty here, a lot of broken homes, and a lot of hardship. We have a LOT of people to teach. We're always booked. The gospel not only touches hearts, but changes lives. The people of the South are ready for more. I'm honestly astounded about how many people invite us into their homes when we knock on their doors and listen with an open heart and mind to our message. So far, we have been very well received. And we have tons of return appointments and people truly interested in the Book of Mormon. I love missionary work!

We've also been visiting members and investigators in the nursing homes around here, as well as helping out with Bingo. Those people are the absolute sweetest. The gospel is for everyone, kids and the elderly, the ones that have gone astray, everyone. I love it. And I love these people. SO many people have already told us that we're the answer to their prayers. That is so humbling. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. How many times can I say it?

Sister Lanning
Rachel at the airport with the mission president and his wife.

Rachel and her companion.

In front of her apartment, which is part of a transport company building.  

The inside of her apartment.

Getting ready for a baptism.

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