Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Know He Lives.

I sincerely hope that all of my blog posts come across as little bits and pieces of my testimony, but I wanted to make one post that is dedicated solely to the things I believe, the things I know, and the things that bring me indescribable joy and peace.

I know that there is a God. His power and love are beyond description. Somehow, he loves every single person with perfect, unconditional love. He wants us to return to him. He wants the very best for us - and sometimes that means we have to go through very hard things so that we can learn, grow, and become more like him. 
Mistakes are inevitable. Sin is inevitable. Pain is inevitable. It's all part of being human. It's all part of the process. God, in his infinite knowledge and love, made a way for us to overcome all of it. He sent his son. Jesus Christ gave up his throne on high to come to earth and dwell with sinners like us. To die for sinners like us. He paid the price for our sins and mistakes and imperfections. He was the only one that could pay the price because he was the only one who didn't have his own sins to pay for. He suffered every single pain that you have endured. He knows you perfectly and he knows perfectly what you are going through. He is your most loyal, most understanding, most dependable friend. He conquered death, and now we can too. Because of him, we have eternal hope and we can return to live with him if we have faith in him. I know that following Christ, coming to know him, and keeping his commandments is the path to true happiness. 

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It goes hand in hand with the Bible in testifying of him. It is true. Studying it can bring great peace and understanding of God's plan for us and his love for all of his children. God still speaks to us. We can be guided by the Spirit and receive answers to our prayers through personal revelation. Our loving Heavenly Father still reveals his will to his prophets, just as he did in ancient times. He has not abandoned us. 

I wouldn't be giving up 18 months of my life to teach people these things if I didn't believe them with every fiber of my being. Everything happens for a reason. If we place our lives in the hands of God, he will make more out of our lives than we could have ever imagined. I know that God lives and loves us, I know that Jesus Christ died for us, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!

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